Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Hey everyone,
How is everyone doing?  This week has had its ups and its downs.  We started teaching our ward mission leader’s wife's brother.  He is super cool and came to church yesterday!  He says he wants to be baptized and feels good and thinks he will be ready for his baptism date on October 18th.  We are super excited for him! 
We also had a super cool zone training conference yesterday with all the stake leaders and leaders from each ward to show and teach what a correct coordination meeting should be like.  It was super cool and will be super helpful because the branch I’m in right now is very new.  We actually had our first coordination meeting this past week which was cool but hard because my companion doesn't now all of our investigators yet so I had to do most of the talking.  But it helps me to learn Spanish better.  Spanish is coming along well!  It definitely feels like I’m remembering it rather than learning it!  It is such a beautiful language!  That’s all for this week!  I love you all!

Elder Pachner III

What is happening!!!


Hey everyone!  
So this week has been super good and I have some stories to tell!  The first is I was in a hit and run! We were biking over to a member’s house and this lady was on a bike coming straight at me.  So I did what I thought is the normal thing to do and went to the right.  She for some reason went to the left and slammed into me.  I flew off my bike and landed on the side walk.  I sat up and asked her if she was ok.  She didn’t even fall off her bike and she was like yes and just biked away really fast hahhaha.  I was so confused but I wasn’t hurt at all so Elder Jones and I just ended up laughing so much!! 

 Then we went on splits this week and on splits Elder Jones got super sick so he stayed in all day with Elder Lozada and Elder Barker and I went to his area and set 6 baptismal dates haha!  It was super cool!  The next day sucked though because Elder Jones was still sick and throwing up so we were stuck in the apartment all day :(  Then Sunday was Chizme (transfer) night!  And BOY WAS IT SOME CHIZME!!!   Elder Jones got called to be Zone leader in a different zone so we are being split up :(  And I’m going to be with an Elder Williamson.  But the bigger chizme is that they are putting us over the Tongan ward in our area as well.  So we are over the Spanish branch and I guess the Tongan ward too (both of which are in their native language)  so I don’t know if that means I’m going to have to learn Tongan too now!!  I will find out more at transfer meeting tomorrow!  I’m excited but also a little nervous!!!  I’m definitely going to miss elder Jones though!  He was a super good Elder!  Haha I’ll know more about the language next week though and what is happening!  This week has been super good!  I can’t believe I’ve already been out for 2 transfers!  That’s so crazy!!!  Time is definitely flying!!!!   That’s all for now!  I love you all so much!

Elder Pachner III

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bike probs.


 Hola everyone!

I don’t have a ton of time today because the library was closed!  This week we had so many bike problems!  The longest we had after we fixed our tires was 1 full day, the shortest was 30 minutes.  People have got to quit throwing spiky metal things out of their windows because it keeps popping our tires.  But it’s all good!!  We fix them and keep going for the most part hahaha. 

 I can’t believe that this is the last week of the transfer!  Hopefully transfer night goes well and Elder Jones and I get to stay together!  Plus, I hope on Sunday some of our investigators come to church!!  It’s always an important thing for them to do so they can be baptized!  We have 10 people on date to be baptized and 8 of them are for this month.  Hopefully they do :)  We have one family who we are super excited for!  We are going to take them to the Visitors Center and hope that it does its magic!!  That’s all I have time for right now!  I love you all! 

Elder Pachner


HI Everyone!‏


Hello Everyone!!
Things are going good out here.  I can’t believe I’ve been out here in LA for a month now!  It feels like it hasn’t been that long at all!!  This week was good!  We met with some of our investigators with baptismal dates but we are having a hard time getting them to come to church :(  Its super disappointing when they don’t come.  But we keep praying for them!!  Church yesterday was like a roller coaster!  It started out good because we thought most of our investigators were going to come, then none of them did.  During first hour I tried to share an experience I had this week with the WOW.  We had been out for about 6 hours and hadn’t had anything to drink so we were super thirsty.  We finally broke down and stopped and bought a drink and just before we opened them I saw that they had green tea in them.  I was SUPER tempted to open it and drink it anyways but I threw it away and at first it was super hard because now I had less money and was still thirsty but after about 10 min I felt the Lord tell me how happy he was because I chose to follow him even though it was super hard.  I felt an outpouring of love!  When I tried to say that in gospel principles I said bebe because for some reason I thought it meant drink.  What I ended up saying was we were really thirsty so we bought a baby and as I was about to drink it I saw that the baby had green tea in it.  It was super hard but I threw the baby away and that the Lord blessed helped me grow closer to him because I chose to follow the word of wisdom and not drink the baby with tea in it.  After the class my comp told me what I said and I was just like dang it! 
Then in sacrament all of the missionaries spoke.  We all spoke on how we as missionaries need the members help to do missionary work and how we want to go out with them more and good stuff like that.  It was super good and by the end of the meeting the spirit was super strong.  I only spoke for about 5 min but it was super scary but super awesome!!  Plus I didn’t have any baby/drink mess ups so they could understand me :)    Spanish is hard but I love it!  On the street and in lessons when I tell people I have only studied Spanish for 6 weeks and only spoke it for 10 they are like wow!  I still make plenty of grammar mistakes and say things wrong but people can understand me fairly easily and I can get most of the ideas of what they say.  My Spanish is improving so much!  I can’t wait until I can say anything I want!! 
 That’s all for this week!  I love you all!!  

Elder Pachner III

Hey everyone!


Hey everyone!!  How is everyone doing???  Everything is going good out here!!  Yesterday was crazy because we had to drive up to the mission office to take a driving test!  It was close but the MTC didn’t kill my driving ability and I passed with flying colors hahaha!  But because of that I didn’t get to email yesterday.  I can’t believe that I’ve been out here for 2 months already!  Time if flying!!  And I can’t believe Kade Came home!!!  Wednesday at 7:50 my comp and I stopped getting ready for a min and were like He should be landing now!  It was kind of funny because we both were like in silence for a second then I asked what are we doing? And he was like I have no idea hahahaha.  It was funny! 
 All in all this week has been super good!  I went on splits for the first time with the ZLs and we had a 4th quarter last second blessed lesson!  It was super cool!  All of our appointments canceled on us so we were just going from back up to back up trying to find someone to talk to and teach and at around 7:30 we prayed that we would find someone to teach.  At like 8:45 we went to the last person we could before we would have to go back to the house and he was standing in front of his house.  We talked to him and he said we could teach him right then and there.  We said a prayer right on the side walk and taught him the restoration.  It was super cool because as we were teaching we kept asking him questions to make sure he was understanding and when he didn’t understand the priesthood elder Earl pulled out his ipad and showed him this super awesome video when Jesus gave his apostles the priesthood and the guy understood and in the end we set a baptismal date with him!  It was super super cool!!!  So we have 8 people on date to be baptized and most of them look super promising!  The Lord is definitely blessing us from the trials we have had.  This week was much better than last!  It was still full of trials but I can see blessings from them!  I am learning so much from my mission.
  I love you all so much!  Have an awesome week!!

Elder Pachner

Hey Everyone!


This week was a little better than last!  We had 3 lessons this week which is much better than last week!  But I think next week we will have a lot more!  This week has been hard like last week in a lot of ways but that’s OK with me!  The harder the weeks are the more I will be blessed with finding those who are ready to accept the gospel! 
 Last night was super awesome!  We got a referral from the English elders and as we walked over there we realized we had walked by there earlier that week and had kind of talked with some of the people there.  Elder Jones said he didn’t want to go and I felt like we needed to.  He ended up turning and starting to walk away but in the end we went back there.  When we got there they were having like a small party and they offered us food!  It was sooooo good!!!  They offered us beer too but we said no to that hahaha.  We then found the referral and talked to him and to 7 other people!  We got 7 new contacts out of it and I set up an appointment for Saturday to teach at least 2 of the people there!  But there were 4 or 5 guys who were pretty interested!  Hopefully we get some new investigators!! 
 Then after we left we had to head back to the appt and we passed a grandma with two of her grand kids and we stopped to talk to her.  She was super super solid!  She is looking for our church and doesn’t know it yet.  She said that if when she meets with us and goes to church with us, if she feels like peace and happiness she will go to church with us forever!  She has definitely been prepared to meet us!  I am so excited for this week!  The past two weeks were hard but we are being blessed for them!!!!  Church was much better yesterday too!  I felt comfortable and loved.  I love the members here so much!  Most are converts and have truly amazing testimonies!  They inspire me so much! 

 That’s about all for now!  I love you all so much!
Elder Pachner

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Letter from Mission President

4 August 2015

Dear Brother and Sister Pachner,

Elder Chase William Pachner arrived safely to this mission 3 August 2015.  After prayerful consideration, Elder Parker Lee Jones was selected to be his companion.  We make every effort to assign only the very best missionaries to be trainers, as these first few months are critical in the life of a new missionary.   Enclosed are pictures of Elder Pachner with his companion and Sister Weidman and me.

During the course of his mission, Elder Pachner will be transferred to various areas within the mission; therefore, we ask that all his mail be sent to:

Elder Chase William Pachner
1591 East Temple Way                
California Los Angeles Mission
Los Angeles, CA 90024-5801

We are excited and grateful to have Elder Pachner serve in the California Los Angeles Mission.  Our desire is to help him succeed and magnify his calling.  We will do everything possible to see that he remains healthy, actively engaged, challenged, and happy in his missionary labors.  Please be assured that his welfare and happiness are of primary concern to us.  For ongoing and up-to-date information on this mission, you can visit our mission blog: californialosangelesmission.blogspot.com.

The enclosed information answers many of the questions frequently asked. Should you have any questions or concerns during the course of Elder Pachner’s mission, please do not hesitate to contact  me.

Sincerely yours,
David N. Weidman, President
California Los Angeles Mission

First week

First week
Hi everyone!!!
This week has been super hard.  My trainers name is Elder Jones.  He is a pretty cool guy!  Some times I don’t like his training style though.  It helps me learn and grow quickly but also means I’m hung out to dry sometimes.  Like he will tell me to contact someone on the street and I don’t always fully understand what they said or know what to say and I’ll turn to him and he will whisper little pointers but mostly has me do it all on my own.

  This week has been super hard on us.  We are in Lynwood which has part of Compton in it so it’s a little ghetto which isn’t too bad.  We have only been cursed out like 3 times :)  But this week all of our teaching appointments fell though so we really only taught two lessons with people on the street.  It was super hard for both of us because it was a lot of walking.  We contacted over 200 people in 6 days though.  We met a lot of people.  But all in all this week was super disappointing because all of our appointments fell through.  Last night Elder Jones and I were walking back to our apartment and he said I must be destined to be an amazing missionary because he has never seen someone attacked by the devil this early in their mission.  He said this has been his hardest week on the mission and he is surprised that I’m keeping such a good attitude!  But I know this week will be better!  I don’t have too much more time.  
I love you all so much!

Elder Pachner III

Saturday, August 1, 2015


Hey everyone!  

Things are going good here!  I can’t believe that I leave on Monday!!  I packed some of my suit case today and I realized it’s much easier to pack now because I just have to put everything I have in. hahaha.  My life for the next two years fits in two suit cases! hahaha.  So we had in field orientation yesterday which sucked.  It was pretty much for English Elders who have only been here for 6 days who haven't learned how to do all that stuff yet.  We had already learned it so it was a little boring.  But it was kind of cool because I got to talk to Elder Martinez a lot.  He is from Mexico.  When we would do practices I would talk to him in Spanish and he would talk to me in English.  Our instructors looked at us like we were crazy hahaha but it was fun. 

So this morning we ate breakfast in the temple and it was SO GOOD!!  I CANT WAIT TO HAVE REAL FOOD AGAIN!!!  I had a quiche that had crab in it.  It was so good!  Mom should start putting crab in it at Christmas! 

 Life is slowing down here.  We teach our last lesson tonight.  We have only taught like 4 times this week which is weird because normally we teach at least 8 by Friday. Esta bien.  I miss teaching.  I like seeing people’s lives change as they accept Jesus and God. It is so amazing to watch the difference in the light in people’s eyes change as they accept the gospel.   It is so amazing.  I am so happy I am able to serve the Lord.  I don’t know when my next p day will be.  I love you all.  Have a great time!  And for those of you who aren't called missionaries promise me that you will help the missionaries out!  Go on splits with them and help find your friends who are ready to receive the gospel.  The Lord calls missionaries for a full two years, but as members we chose to sign up to help.  It is part of our responsibility as members of the church.  That is what part of in field was about.  How as missionaries we can’t do it alone.  And members can’t do it alone either.  It takes both of us, working hand in hand to make it happen.  Hope you all have a good week!

Elder Pachner

Saturday, July 25, 2015

One month

Hey everyone!  I can’t believe that I have been here for a month already.  It’s so crazy time is flying.  Everything is going good I guess.  Yesterday I had a slight mental breakdown in the morning because I just didn’t understand Spanish but during gym time I was running and praying and I felt better.  I felt Heavenly Father bless me with peace in my heart and then later still bless me when during class after lunch hermano Rockwood talked about his mission.  I realized I know enough Spanish to get my point across.  I’m not good at Spanish, but I can say enough to help someone.  I realized that I would be ok if I didn’t learn Spanish any better than I know it right now as long as I am able to help bring people closer to God and Jesus.  This realization brought a lot of peace to me as well.  I am still studying hard to learn Spanish though.  Conjugating the verbs is killing me.  Está bien.  This is Sapaque.  He is from Guatemala.  He helps me with my Spanish and I help him with English.

So I have a kind of cool story.  Elder grant and I decided that we would only email it to people and not tell it to people in the MTC because we didn’t want to sound like or end up bragging.  So we our had our last lesson with Marco yesterday.  We were both really sad because we both really like Marco.  We went in prepared to teach the 10 commandments but right after we prayed I got prompted to ask him what he wanted to learn about.  In my head I was like that will leave us high and dry because he will say anything other than the commandments.  But I asked anyway.  He said he wanted to learn about why we need to be clean from sin (our last lesson was on how we can be).  I thought of Alma 5 (but at the time I didn’t know where the chapter was just how I had shaded it) so I went looking for it really quick.  I couldn’t find it but came upon 3 Nephi 27.  We decided to read 13-22 with him and talk about it.  We both kept asking inspired questions and it was going really well.  It came to the point where the lesson was almost over and Marco was crying a little bit.  He told us that because of us he felt Gods love in his life more.  I felt prompted to ask him if he was a member of the church (the TRC investagatores are paid people so they don’t have to be members.)  I thought it would make the lesson seam really fake but I felt really strong that I should ask him.  So I did in the best possible way I could think of.  He smiled and said no but because he could tell Elder Grant and I tried so hard to learn Spanish to teach him and cared so much about him he actually became interested in what we had to say.  He said because of us he started taking the lessons outside of the MTC, and would compare what we said to what the other missionaries said to him.  He said our lesson last week and the week before helped him to see that god loves him and he talked about how he feels clean when he is with us.  He then started to cry and said he is being baptized on August 27th.  By this point all three of us had tears in our eyes and Marco thanked us for loving him and caring about him enough to try so hard to help him.  He said we were the reason he wanted to become closer to Jesus and our Heavenly Father.  After the lesson elder Grant and I found a quiet corner and thanked God that we had the opportunity to help Marco.  I felt the spirit so strong when we were praying that by the end both Elder Grant and I were crying again hahahaha.  It was so awesome!  I am so happy for Marco!  He truly is a child of God and I know that Heavenly Father loves him.  I have seen and felt it.  It was truly an amazing experience. 

 I am so thankful for everyone who helped push me to go on a mission.  And i am so thankful for the power of the atonement in my life so that I can return to live with my Father in Heaven once again.  This gospel is so amazing and through this experience I really see how we are not the teachers.  The Holy Spirit is the teacher and we are merely a tool for it to operate though.  I am so thankful for my opportunity to serve the Lord.  I love you all so much!  Thank you so much for the amazing examples you have been to me.  Each and every one of you have touched my life and helped me to be the person I am today.  For that I thank you.  

Elder Pachner III

left to right: Wadsworth, Frei, Grant, Pachner outside Provo Temple.

Sunday, July 19, 2015



Hi everyone!!  
Things are going good here.  I’m doing a ton of studying and trying to not put on too much weight.  Which is easier said than done here.  The food taste pretty good but it is really heavy.  Like after every meal I am starting to feel sick hahaha.  But, Esta bien.  Spanish is hard.  We learned how to not sound like 2 year olds when we talk, which is really, really, really, hard.  But we said one sentence in grown up talk and we sounded amazing hahaha.  We sounded like actual Spanish speakers because we were using direct object pronouns and indirect object pronouns.  It is kind of hard to learn because I didn’t really understand it in English so switching it to Spanish was challenging hahaha.  But my teachers are amazing and I made some friends who are native Spanish speakers so I get help from them as well. 

 So our TRC investigator Marco wasn’t here yesterday so Elder Grant and I had to send him an email which was stinking hard because we know how to speak basic Spanish but writing it is much harder.  We probably missed putting at least 20 accent marks which makes a big, big, difference in words hahaha.  Oh well though.  At least we got to send him a video which hopefully will help him.
 I got to host senior couples again this week.  They were all super nice!  One couple said that this was their 5th mission together!  Talk about impressive!  But I guess it’s probably easier when you don’t have college to go to and already have your companion haha.  They definitely inspired me though
So I think the boy who had the seizure is ok.  

 Today this boy from the new district came up to me and said stand up.  So I did.  Then he gave me a hug and said “That was from your sister Madison”.  Hahaha I was so shocked!  I was like how do you know her???  He had to go to the health clinic and Madison was one of the people who worked on him!  It was so cool hahaha!  Thank you so much Madison!! 

 So we still can’t figure out how to send pictures haha.  Maybe next week we will finally figure it out.

  So a cool thing this week is we were reading in Exodus, chapters 3 and 4 about Moses.  The part that really stood out to me was Exodus 4:10-12.  Moses has the same problem as me!  He can’t speak very well!  But the Lords response to him in 11 and 12 helped me a ton.  Because it’s not about what I say or how well I can say it, it’s about the feelings the Lord gives to me and to the investigators.  So I guess that’s it for this week.;
 I love you all so much!  

Elder Pachner III

Friday, July 10, 2015


 Hello Everyone! 

 How is everyone doing?  Can someone send me Ashley’s email so I can send these to her too?  Everything is going good here.  Except today they pretty much took our p day away.  We are going to Elder Packers funeral in the morning and after that we clean the temple for 4 hours.  So my p day consisted of when I woke up to 10:00 am hahaha.  It’s all good though.  We are just rushing to get everything done before 10. 

So yesterday there was a pretty cool but scary experience as well.  During lunch a boy had a seizure and my comp was standing right next to him and caught him, then helped the medics.  y after my comp was pretty shook up.  So we were walking and he started to cry a little so elder Frei and I put our arms around him and we started walking him back to the dorm.  When we got there we gave him a blessing of comfort and the spirit was so strong that I think all of us started crying a little bit.  But after the blessing my comp felt much better.  I know that Heavenly Father was looking out for us.  I know that he heard us and answered us. 

 So we got two new investigators.  Ones name is Johnathon and the others is Myrum.  They are actually our teachers but that’s ok because they are really good actors when we are in there.  So Johnathan doesn't believe in God because he felt like God abandoned him.  (We found this out yesterday when we taught him for the first time) and my comp and I just talked with him.  We talked with him a lot and the spirit was there.  During the lesson we asked him to pray with us right then y there to know God was there and that he loved him.  We knelt and prayed and he offered up his desire to know God.  It was a super good experience y I can’t wait to teach him again!!  Also with another one of our investigators, Marco, we were teaching him about how he can know the things that he believes to be true.  My companion and I were talking with him and two scriptures popped into our minds.  One was 3 Nephi 19:9-11 and the other is Moroni 10:3-5.  We had him read both with us and after Moroni's promise he was like wow.  That is one big promise.  Is it really true?  And we testified to him that it is true and that the promise does work.  We then asked him to pray with us ahora to know if el libro de mormon es verdad.  He did and after we asked him how he felt.  With tears in his eyes he said he felt really good and had a really powerful feeling inside him.  We testified that that was the spirit and that was Gods way of telling him the Book of Mormon is true.  He said he would read it and pray every day.  I think on Monday when we see him next we will invite him to be baptized and see how it goes.  I don’t know if he is a member or not.  We don’t know with our MTC investigators.  He could be a member he could not be.  Either way I am so happy for him because he was able to come closer to Heavenly father and Jesus Christ.  Marco is such an amazing person. 

 Spanish is coming along ok.  After the first week the massive growth in Spanish has started to plateau slightly because now we are learning a lot more of the grammar rules and the harder stuff.  But everyday I get better at Spanish.  My English suffers a little bit because of it.  Once or twice I have found myself saying something in English that isn’t grammatically correct for English but it would be for Spanish hahahaha.  Me encanta espanol mucho.  Espanol es muy deficil pero es mas importante por me entender.  Yo hablo en espanol todos los dias por que yo quiero hablar en espanol solomente quando yo voy a la mission field.  Haha that’s another word I need to look up.  That’s why it’s so important to speak in Spanish because I find words I need to learn.  I love you all so much!  And I Love the tie pin Jacob!!!  It looks so cool!!  Everyone thinks it’s pretty awesome!!  I’m about out of time.  I love you guys so much!  I miss you all!

Elder Pachner III 

Saturday, July 4, 2015



Hey everyone!!  I can’t believe it has been a week and a half!  It hasn't felt like that long.  But

 some days feel like they take forever!  This one day literally felt like it took a week.  But all in all

 time is flying. 

I’m becoming much better at Spanish.  Es muy deficil pero me encanto mucho mucho mucho.  It’s hard but I love it.  So last Friday we had our first lesson and it went so bad I thought about making a break for it as we went back to the dorm room.  It was so bad.  We couldn't understand a lick of what he was saying and we couldn't say anything to him.  He eventually pulled out his phone on us and was just like playing a game or something.  It was rough.  We felt so discouraged. But the next day our lesson with him went better, not great but better.  After teaching him for a week we invited him to be baptized and he accepted.  He only accepted our invitation and one other companionship invitation.  Then yesterday in the afternoon we were told we would have a new teacher and guess who it was.....It was our investigator.  We knew he was already a member but we didn't think he would be our teacher!  So yesterday he talked a lot about things we need to work on but also a lot about how thankful he was for us because he was basing the role of investigator off of his friend who he wasn't to share the gospel with.  He said we gave him some good ideas on what could actually help his friend.  He thanked us so much for the time we put in to learn the language so that we could help him.  He said it meant a lot and that to a real investigator it would mean a lot too.  He then taught us about our purpose as a missionary and it helped me a lot!!  As an investigator he was hard but it helped me to learn and grow. 

 We are also teaching another man named Marco.  He is from Peru and is awesome!!  I don’t know if he is a member or not but I really enjoy talking to him.  Yesterday we went into a lesson with him planning on teaching about the restoration but the spirit had other plans for the lesson.  It was hard but my companion and I listened to the spirit and asked the questions that he needed to think about.  We ended up extending an invitation to be baptized and he said that if he comes to know that this is true he will be.  We then asked him to read the intro, and witness of José Smith and to pray about our message to him.  I think our next lesson will be on el Libro de Mormon, but we will see where the spirit takes it.

  The food here is killing me haha.  They feed us so much and then we just sit.  We study for more time than we sleep at this point.  It’s hard to stay focused for so long.  We literally have blocks of 4 to 5 hours of nothing but classes and studying.  But we need the time to learn and grow.  I have already felt my testimony grow.  I always had a hard time recognizing the spirit before now but I’m becoming much more sensitive to its promptings.  It is still hard to recognize at times but it’s much easier now.  I’m trying to upload pictures but I’m having a hard time doing it at the current moment. 

It is so pretty here.  I can’t get over the view of the mountains!!  I want to go to school here!!!!!!  It just feels like the right place.  I have so much more to tell but the time flies.  I love you all so much!  I know that the Lord is my savior.  I know that with the Lords help this next two years won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.  

Elder Pachner III

Chase couldn't download a picture but Madison saw him again. Her is her picture of him.

Saturday, June 27, 2015


chase pachner (chase.pachner@myldsmail.net)


Hi everyone!!  Sorry that I don’t have time to write everyone individually this week!  We are super busy here and my companion, Elder Grant and I are trying to prepare to teach our first investigator later today.....in Spanish :o  We are a bit nervous but I think we can do it.  So I had some pretty bad luck Wednesday.  The left side pocket ripped in my black suit so if I put anything in that pocket it will fall into the lining of my suit coat haha.   And when I opened up my big suitcase I found that my soap opened somewhere along the way and had been squirting out blue soap onto my suitcase and other suit coat and a couple other clothes.  Hahahaha everyone else in my room felt so bad for me but it’s not too big of a deal.  I dropped of that suit coat to the dry cleaners today so it will be taken care of.  Then maybe I can wear it for the first time before anything else happens to it haha. 
 I really like my companion Elder Grant.  He is from Orem, Utah so he could have biked to the MTC.  As we walked to the temple today he said  if we cut down this one line of trees we could see his house.  That is so crazy to me!!  There are so many elders and sisters here from Utah.  I have only seen two other people from Maryland.  Which mission do we live in?  Because I have met an elder who is going to the DC North mission and one who is going to the DC south mission.  I told both of them that if they get to go to our ward to say hi for me.  I also might have promised them that Mom and Dad would feed them haha. 

(This is Elder Grant.  Madison is working for BYU mowing lawn and they were mowing at the MTC when she saw Chase).

So there are 4 of us in our room.  Me and my Companion and another set of elders.  They are all really great!!  We are all in the same classes and district.  All three of them are going to the New York, New York  North mission.  They get to meet their mission president tonight because he is here being trained to be a mission president.  It is so awesome here.  I love Provo so much!  I definitely want to go to school out here.  It feels like the right place.  I know that college is still a long ways away but Provo feels like it is the right place for me to be. 
 So I had an awesome experience today in the Temple.  We were doing endowments and as we were walking to the room in my head I talked to the man I was doing work for.  His name was Fred something.  As we walked, in my head I said Hello Fred.  My name is Elder Pachner and I will be doing your work today.  I hope you accept the work that I am about to do for you because I know that it will make you so happy.  I’m sorry that you have had to wait for so long ( he died in the 1820s) but you don’t have to wait on this anymore.  When I said that I got the strongest, happiest feeling that was not coming from me.  I know that Fred was with me today and that he was so happy to finally have his work done.  I felt the spirit so strongly and know that I am on the right path.  This gospel truly brings happiness to people’s lives.  It has brought happiness into my life.  I can’t wait to share that happiness with the people of LA.  I am working hard to learn Spanish so that I can be a better missionary for the people of LA.  It’s funny because I’m not even in LA yet but I love the people so much.  I am so ready to find those who are ready to hear the gospel and receive it.  Spanish is hard but every day I’m getting a little better at it.  My roommates and I are trying to talk in Spanish as much as possible to learn it faster.  We end up with a lot of spanglish but that is ok because it gives us words to look up later so that we know them.
  Haha I’m going to get muy gordo at the MTC!  All we do here is sit and eat!  They give us desert with every meal!  I stopped taking desert because it was too much at once!  Plus we only have like 30 minutes to an hour of gym time every day.  Yesterday we played soccer but tomorrow we are going to play volleyball!  I’m excited for that!  I love you all so much!  Be strong, and of a good courage.  Be not afraid.  Neither be thou dismayed,  For the Lord Thy God is with thee whither soever thou goest.  

Love Elder Pachner III

06/23/2015 - President Darren Sakai of the Suitland Maryland Stake set Chase William Pachner apart as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints serving in the Los Angeles California Mission - Spanish speaking.  Elder Pachner the 3rd took this picture with Jacob Pachner shortly after being set apart.

Elder Pachner III left for the Provo Utah mission training center (MTC) on the morning of June 24th, 2015.
Madison picked Elder Pachner III up from the SLC airport and they stopped to have lunch with Aunt Becky, Sarah and Josh.
After lunch, Madison dropped Chase off at the MTC.  I had requested a photo she the recieving missionary took quick pict of the two of them.