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Hi everyone!!  Sorry that I don’t have time to write everyone individually this week!  We are super busy here and my companion, Elder Grant and I are trying to prepare to teach our first investigator later Spanish :o  We are a bit nervous but I think we can do it.  So I had some pretty bad luck Wednesday.  The left side pocket ripped in my black suit so if I put anything in that pocket it will fall into the lining of my suit coat haha.   And when I opened up my big suitcase I found that my soap opened somewhere along the way and had been squirting out blue soap onto my suitcase and other suit coat and a couple other clothes.  Hahahaha everyone else in my room felt so bad for me but it’s not too big of a deal.  I dropped of that suit coat to the dry cleaners today so it will be taken care of.  Then maybe I can wear it for the first time before anything else happens to it haha. 
 I really like my companion Elder Grant.  He is from Orem, Utah so he could have biked to the MTC.  As we walked to the temple today he said  if we cut down this one line of trees we could see his house.  That is so crazy to me!!  There are so many elders and sisters here from Utah.  I have only seen two other people from Maryland.  Which mission do we live in?  Because I have met an elder who is going to the DC North mission and one who is going to the DC south mission.  I told both of them that if they get to go to our ward to say hi for me.  I also might have promised them that Mom and Dad would feed them haha. 

(This is Elder Grant.  Madison is working for BYU mowing lawn and they were mowing at the MTC when she saw Chase).

So there are 4 of us in our room.  Me and my Companion and another set of elders.  They are all really great!!  We are all in the same classes and district.  All three of them are going to the New York, New York  North mission.  They get to meet their mission president tonight because he is here being trained to be a mission president.  It is so awesome here.  I love Provo so much!  I definitely want to go to school out here.  It feels like the right place.  I know that college is still a long ways away but Provo feels like it is the right place for me to be. 
 So I had an awesome experience today in the Temple.  We were doing endowments and as we were walking to the room in my head I talked to the man I was doing work for.  His name was Fred something.  As we walked, in my head I said Hello Fred.  My name is Elder Pachner and I will be doing your work today.  I hope you accept the work that I am about to do for you because I know that it will make you so happy.  I’m sorry that you have had to wait for so long ( he died in the 1820s) but you don’t have to wait on this anymore.  When I said that I got the strongest, happiest feeling that was not coming from me.  I know that Fred was with me today and that he was so happy to finally have his work done.  I felt the spirit so strongly and know that I am on the right path.  This gospel truly brings happiness to people’s lives.  It has brought happiness into my life.  I can’t wait to share that happiness with the people of LA.  I am working hard to learn Spanish so that I can be a better missionary for the people of LA.  It’s funny because I’m not even in LA yet but I love the people so much.  I am so ready to find those who are ready to hear the gospel and receive it.  Spanish is hard but every day I’m getting a little better at it.  My roommates and I are trying to talk in Spanish as much as possible to learn it faster.  We end up with a lot of spanglish but that is ok because it gives us words to look up later so that we know them.
  Haha I’m going to get muy gordo at the MTC!  All we do here is sit and eat!  They give us desert with every meal!  I stopped taking desert because it was too much at once!  Plus we only have like 30 minutes to an hour of gym time every day.  Yesterday we played soccer but tomorrow we are going to play volleyball!  I’m excited for that!  I love you all so much!  Be strong, and of a good courage.  Be not afraid.  Neither be thou dismayed,  For the Lord Thy God is with thee whither soever thou goest.  

Love Elder Pachner III

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