Saturday, July 4, 2015



Hey everyone!!  I can’t believe it has been a week and a half!  It hasn't felt like that long.  But

 some days feel like they take forever!  This one day literally felt like it took a week.  But all in all

 time is flying. 

I’m becoming much better at Spanish.  Es muy deficil pero me encanto mucho mucho mucho.  It’s hard but I love it.  So last Friday we had our first lesson and it went so bad I thought about making a break for it as we went back to the dorm room.  It was so bad.  We couldn't understand a lick of what he was saying and we couldn't say anything to him.  He eventually pulled out his phone on us and was just like playing a game or something.  It was rough.  We felt so discouraged. But the next day our lesson with him went better, not great but better.  After teaching him for a week we invited him to be baptized and he accepted.  He only accepted our invitation and one other companionship invitation.  Then yesterday in the afternoon we were told we would have a new teacher and guess who it was.....It was our investigator.  We knew he was already a member but we didn't think he would be our teacher!  So yesterday he talked a lot about things we need to work on but also a lot about how thankful he was for us because he was basing the role of investigator off of his friend who he wasn't to share the gospel with.  He said we gave him some good ideas on what could actually help his friend.  He thanked us so much for the time we put in to learn the language so that we could help him.  He said it meant a lot and that to a real investigator it would mean a lot too.  He then taught us about our purpose as a missionary and it helped me a lot!!  As an investigator he was hard but it helped me to learn and grow. 

 We are also teaching another man named Marco.  He is from Peru and is awesome!!  I don’t know if he is a member or not but I really enjoy talking to him.  Yesterday we went into a lesson with him planning on teaching about the restoration but the spirit had other plans for the lesson.  It was hard but my companion and I listened to the spirit and asked the questions that he needed to think about.  We ended up extending an invitation to be baptized and he said that if he comes to know that this is true he will be.  We then asked him to read the intro, and witness of José Smith and to pray about our message to him.  I think our next lesson will be on el Libro de Mormon, but we will see where the spirit takes it.

  The food here is killing me haha.  They feed us so much and then we just sit.  We study for more time than we sleep at this point.  It’s hard to stay focused for so long.  We literally have blocks of 4 to 5 hours of nothing but classes and studying.  But we need the time to learn and grow.  I have already felt my testimony grow.  I always had a hard time recognizing the spirit before now but I’m becoming much more sensitive to its promptings.  It is still hard to recognize at times but it’s much easier now.  I’m trying to upload pictures but I’m having a hard time doing it at the current moment. 

It is so pretty here.  I can’t get over the view of the mountains!!  I want to go to school here!!!!!!  It just feels like the right place.  I have so much more to tell but the time flies.  I love you all so much!  I know that the Lord is my savior.  I know that with the Lords help this next two years won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.  

Elder Pachner III

Chase couldn't download a picture but Madison saw him again. Her is her picture of him.

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