Sunday, July 19, 2015



Hi everyone!!  
Things are going good here.  I’m doing a ton of studying and trying to not put on too much weight.  Which is easier said than done here.  The food taste pretty good but it is really heavy.  Like after every meal I am starting to feel sick hahaha.  But, Esta bien.  Spanish is hard.  We learned how to not sound like 2 year olds when we talk, which is really, really, really, hard.  But we said one sentence in grown up talk and we sounded amazing hahaha.  We sounded like actual Spanish speakers because we were using direct object pronouns and indirect object pronouns.  It is kind of hard to learn because I didn’t really understand it in English so switching it to Spanish was challenging hahaha.  But my teachers are amazing and I made some friends who are native Spanish speakers so I get help from them as well. 

 So our TRC investigator Marco wasn’t here yesterday so Elder Grant and I had to send him an email which was stinking hard because we know how to speak basic Spanish but writing it is much harder.  We probably missed putting at least 20 accent marks which makes a big, big, difference in words hahaha.  Oh well though.  At least we got to send him a video which hopefully will help him.
 I got to host senior couples again this week.  They were all super nice!  One couple said that this was their 5th mission together!  Talk about impressive!  But I guess it’s probably easier when you don’t have college to go to and already have your companion haha.  They definitely inspired me though
So I think the boy who had the seizure is ok.  

 Today this boy from the new district came up to me and said stand up.  So I did.  Then he gave me a hug and said “That was from your sister Madison”.  Hahaha I was so shocked!  I was like how do you know her???  He had to go to the health clinic and Madison was one of the people who worked on him!  It was so cool hahaha!  Thank you so much Madison!! 

 So we still can’t figure out how to send pictures haha.  Maybe next week we will finally figure it out.

  So a cool thing this week is we were reading in Exodus, chapters 3 and 4 about Moses.  The part that really stood out to me was Exodus 4:10-12.  Moses has the same problem as me!  He can’t speak very well!  But the Lords response to him in 11 and 12 helped me a ton.  Because it’s not about what I say or how well I can say it, it’s about the feelings the Lord gives to me and to the investigators.  So I guess that’s it for this week.;
 I love you all so much!  

Elder Pachner III

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