Tuesday, August 11, 2015

First week

First week
Hi everyone!!!
This week has been super hard.  My trainers name is Elder Jones.  He is a pretty cool guy!  Some times I don’t like his training style though.  It helps me learn and grow quickly but also means I’m hung out to dry sometimes.  Like he will tell me to contact someone on the street and I don’t always fully understand what they said or know what to say and I’ll turn to him and he will whisper little pointers but mostly has me do it all on my own.

  This week has been super hard on us.  We are in Lynwood which has part of Compton in it so it’s a little ghetto which isn’t too bad.  We have only been cursed out like 3 times :)  But this week all of our teaching appointments fell though so we really only taught two lessons with people on the street.  It was super hard for both of us because it was a lot of walking.  We contacted over 200 people in 6 days though.  We met a lot of people.  But all in all this week was super disappointing because all of our appointments fell through.  Last night Elder Jones and I were walking back to our apartment and he said I must be destined to be an amazing missionary because he has never seen someone attacked by the devil this early in their mission.  He said this has been his hardest week on the mission and he is surprised that I’m keeping such a good attitude!  But I know this week will be better!  I don’t have too much more time.  
I love you all so much!

Elder Pachner III

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