Sunday, September 13, 2015


HI Everyone!‏


Hello Everyone!!
Things are going good out here.  I can’t believe I’ve been out here in LA for a month now!  It feels like it hasn’t been that long at all!!  This week was good!  We met with some of our investigators with baptismal dates but we are having a hard time getting them to come to church :(  Its super disappointing when they don’t come.  But we keep praying for them!!  Church yesterday was like a roller coaster!  It started out good because we thought most of our investigators were going to come, then none of them did.  During first hour I tried to share an experience I had this week with the WOW.  We had been out for about 6 hours and hadn’t had anything to drink so we were super thirsty.  We finally broke down and stopped and bought a drink and just before we opened them I saw that they had green tea in them.  I was SUPER tempted to open it and drink it anyways but I threw it away and at first it was super hard because now I had less money and was still thirsty but after about 10 min I felt the Lord tell me how happy he was because I chose to follow him even though it was super hard.  I felt an outpouring of love!  When I tried to say that in gospel principles I said bebe because for some reason I thought it meant drink.  What I ended up saying was we were really thirsty so we bought a baby and as I was about to drink it I saw that the baby had green tea in it.  It was super hard but I threw the baby away and that the Lord blessed helped me grow closer to him because I chose to follow the word of wisdom and not drink the baby with tea in it.  After the class my comp told me what I said and I was just like dang it! 
Then in sacrament all of the missionaries spoke.  We all spoke on how we as missionaries need the members help to do missionary work and how we want to go out with them more and good stuff like that.  It was super good and by the end of the meeting the spirit was super strong.  I only spoke for about 5 min but it was super scary but super awesome!!  Plus I didn’t have any baby/drink mess ups so they could understand me :)    Spanish is hard but I love it!  On the street and in lessons when I tell people I have only studied Spanish for 6 weeks and only spoke it for 10 they are like wow!  I still make plenty of grammar mistakes and say things wrong but people can understand me fairly easily and I can get most of the ideas of what they say.  My Spanish is improving so much!  I can’t wait until I can say anything I want!! 
 That’s all for this week!  I love you all!!  

Elder Pachner III

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