Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hey everyone!


Hey everyone!!  How is everyone doing???  Everything is going good out here!!  Yesterday was crazy because we had to drive up to the mission office to take a driving test!  It was close but the MTC didn’t kill my driving ability and I passed with flying colors hahaha!  But because of that I didn’t get to email yesterday.  I can’t believe that I’ve been out here for 2 months already!  Time if flying!!  And I can’t believe Kade Came home!!!  Wednesday at 7:50 my comp and I stopped getting ready for a min and were like He should be landing now!  It was kind of funny because we both were like in silence for a second then I asked what are we doing? And he was like I have no idea hahahaha.  It was funny! 
 All in all this week has been super good!  I went on splits for the first time with the ZLs and we had a 4th quarter last second blessed lesson!  It was super cool!  All of our appointments canceled on us so we were just going from back up to back up trying to find someone to talk to and teach and at around 7:30 we prayed that we would find someone to teach.  At like 8:45 we went to the last person we could before we would have to go back to the house and he was standing in front of his house.  We talked to him and he said we could teach him right then and there.  We said a prayer right on the side walk and taught him the restoration.  It was super cool because as we were teaching we kept asking him questions to make sure he was understanding and when he didn’t understand the priesthood elder Earl pulled out his ipad and showed him this super awesome video when Jesus gave his apostles the priesthood and the guy understood and in the end we set a baptismal date with him!  It was super super cool!!!  So we have 8 people on date to be baptized and most of them look super promising!  The Lord is definitely blessing us from the trials we have had.  This week was much better than last!  It was still full of trials but I can see blessings from them!  I am learning so much from my mission.
  I love you all so much!  Have an awesome week!!

Elder Pachner

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