Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What is happening!!!


Hey everyone!  
So this week has been super good and I have some stories to tell!  The first is I was in a hit and run! We were biking over to a member’s house and this lady was on a bike coming straight at me.  So I did what I thought is the normal thing to do and went to the right.  She for some reason went to the left and slammed into me.  I flew off my bike and landed on the side walk.  I sat up and asked her if she was ok.  She didn’t even fall off her bike and she was like yes and just biked away really fast hahhaha.  I was so confused but I wasn’t hurt at all so Elder Jones and I just ended up laughing so much!! 

 Then we went on splits this week and on splits Elder Jones got super sick so he stayed in all day with Elder Lozada and Elder Barker and I went to his area and set 6 baptismal dates haha!  It was super cool!  The next day sucked though because Elder Jones was still sick and throwing up so we were stuck in the apartment all day :(  Then Sunday was Chizme (transfer) night!  And BOY WAS IT SOME CHIZME!!!   Elder Jones got called to be Zone leader in a different zone so we are being split up :(  And I’m going to be with an Elder Williamson.  But the bigger chizme is that they are putting us over the Tongan ward in our area as well.  So we are over the Spanish branch and I guess the Tongan ward too (both of which are in their native language)  so I don’t know if that means I’m going to have to learn Tongan too now!!  I will find out more at transfer meeting tomorrow!  I’m excited but also a little nervous!!!  I’m definitely going to miss elder Jones though!  He was a super good Elder!  Haha I’ll know more about the language next week though and what is happening!  This week has been super good!  I can’t believe I’ve already been out for 2 transfers!  That’s so crazy!!!  Time is definitely flying!!!!   That’s all for now!  I love you all so much!

Elder Pachner III

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